My sleep

Dear John,

Last night, I slept with a weird dream. That kind of dream came to me several times. When I dreamt that means I got a bad sleep. I have tried many ways to have a good sleep. But somehow, this happens to me frequently. Maybe, I could not relax before I went to sleep last night. I was still on the internet late, could not stop my online surfing leisure immediately.

When I was at home, usually I ceased to reading online one hour to talking with my Mr.D until I fall to sleep. But here, it costs much to talk on the phone the a long duration. Furthermore, he dosesn’t have a smartphone to talk online.So that is the problem.

From tomorrow, I have to stop using my phone one hour before going to bed. Reading book is the replacement. Let’s see how it will be



The first time I knew about meditation when I was in university. One of my psychology lectures talked about it in a negative way, because it was dangerous especially for women. The belly breath can harm women’s pregnancy ability. At that time, I didn’t read enough to prove his wrong argument.

I was interested in yoga during my Master Degree. Due to the study and working stresses, my mind got tired and needed rest. I was suggested to take part in a yoga class, and it did save my life. Gradually, yoga has become an important part of my life that seems I can’t live without it. I have practiced, read, and watched a lot about yoga. Day by day my love for you has grown up to the commitment that I would like to be a yoga teacher. However, I just practiced asana mostly and didn’t concentrate on meditation. Even though it is a vital element in practicing yoga which I was learned several times, I read and also have tried to practice, it might be that I am not mature enough to make theories into practice.

Experiencing one year of my Ph.D. journey has opened my eyes about meditation. The harder job is, the more relaxing mind should be. Of course, meditation is the best therapy in this case. I realize that when I can relax to study well, I also change my mind on other daily problems which used to make me crazy easily before.

Meditation is not the new thing in this modern life; many documents have written about it to have a balanced, stressless life. However, practicing is always more difficult than talking. The last thing I can say ” Just do it”.

My commitment: Meditate at least five minutes a day

What I have learnt about staying up late

Dear John,

I have been staying up late when I was in secondary school. At that time, the main reason for not going to sleep on time was the fear of unfinished homework, the embarrassment of being criticized in front of class pushed me to stay still at my desk. On one hand, I was satisfied with a completed work;  on the other hand, I  suffered from my stress and terrible migraine in the following days. Consequently, I seldom smiled because of the stiff jaw, the tired body and the frustrated mind. My friends used to tell me that you looked distant and difficult to connect at the first sight.

Later on, when I was in university, I had to stay up late under the pressure of studying and a part time job. I got sick after one year of working late until 3 am. I lost my concentration and quickly felt dizzy when I focused something for 10 minutes. But my doctor said my body was in a normal condition, the only thing I need was relaxing and sleeping.Suddenly I realized the more works I did, the worse my health was. So what would I achieve after all? My study result was not good as I desired. Was it worth to live like that?

Now, after year by year, I have been learning how to relax. But life always challenges you. The development of technology and social networks interest you in various ways, it makes you busy in the whole day and night if you can not control yourself. I have learned the lesson of not pushing myself too much on work. However, social networks drag me to another hell. A ton of interesting things in your Facebook, zalo accounts, websites, blogs, etc …waste you a lot of time in front of connected laptop and smartphone. Therefore, staying up late seems like a habit that ‘s hard to break.

I have been on my Ph.D. journey for one year. The lessons about overstress and staying up late are still new to me. I have to study them again and again to transform myself. Making study plans has not been enough to be an effective method,  committing myself to …my plan is a must. And today post is my first action for improving my writing skill.