Review of March 2016

    1. Finish the first draft of my proposal at the end of May, get ready to defense proposal at the end of June.
    2. Submit the review paper.
    3. First two weeks of March: Chapter 1
    4. At the end of April: Chapter 2
    5. At the end of May: Chapter 3
    6. Keeping practicing yoga, cycling, swimming every week

    These are the list to do I wrote on the last day of February. Looking back last month, I published one paper, the very first one which has a long way to improving. I did exercises almost every day that help me stay active and sleep well even though I stay up late someday. I wrote blog to practice my writing on weekday whenever I went to my lab, this is the first thing I have to do when my laptop was turned on.

    But I can’t finish my chapter 1, just wrote the first draft of 3 sections: PS, ROs and RQs. I still get stuck with my writing and spent last two days to read again academic writing books. However, everything will be all right if I work gradually like last month. Hope that my productivity will increase in next month.

    My targets for April:

    1.Finish Chapter 1 and discuss with Sup to write Chapter 2 and try to finish Chapter 2 in one and a half month or at least two month. That means I can finish my chapter 2 at the end of May,  finish my proposal at the end of this semester (July), and go for defense around semester break or the new semester (August). I know this target is very hard, but let’s try my best.

    2. Reduce the time for social network, sleep earlier then last month, around 11 – 11.30pm.

    3. Maintain the exercise routine and rest routine (one hour per day): Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for swimming; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for cycling and workout; a full day rest on Saturday. Of course, during menstruation, the routine is flexible due to my mood and energy at that time.

    Good luck and work hard.


No need to buy new stuffs, just recycle

Dear John,

Last night, when I was practising yoga, I need a pillow to support my asanas. I reached for the low-quality pillow I bought since I had a new hostel room. I stopped using it for a while because of my sleep difficulty and bought a new one. The old one almost torn out when I touched it. I thought it need a new cover but wondered whether I buy a new cover or reuse my old T-shirt as a pillow cover. Moreover, there is a ton of websites to help me do DIY with old T-shirts. So why I need a beautiful cover to place my pillow in the small hostel room. I do not need to show everyone that I have a good taste of art. Therefore, it is unnecessary to spend money on that even it is cheap.

Maybe you think that I am skimpy, but in my opinion, we should spend money wisely rather than spending for everything we want. There is a huge different between what we want and what we need. Yah, it is true, I am a follower of minimalist

Enjoy your day John.


Dear John,

I used to be a girl who is afraid of making mistakes. I am scared of being scold or complained my work. I still remember the frustrated feeling when I did something wrong and stood still in silent and guilt, wait for being yelled. At that time, my mind was blank; the whole body was heavy, and my throat was totally dry so that I could neither move nor talk any words. Just stand and listen to my jumping heart. Later on, I don’t like to make any mistakes because of that uncomfortable feeling. I try to make up everything good in the first time I do.

Unfortunately, I can’t success everything I do at the first time. It is normal, but it takes me a long way to learn this simple lesson. I have stressed myself to be a perfectionist. Although having one year to study in FA which supports students to learn from their mistakes, I still stick to my habit being scared of errors. I expect I can change myself gradually so that I would practice FA in a right way as well as improve my students’ learning when I come back my job.

It is ok to make mistakes, just learn from that and improve yourself.

The last week of March

Dear John,

There are four days left to end this March. My duties for this month have not been fulfilled yet. But the most important thing is that I have experienced the Mach with a lot of joy and know who am I in my daily silence. That means I am happy with what  I do

I enjoy the fresh air in my school when I ride a bike to my school in the evening

I smell the floral aroma along the road I ride

I feel the wind running along my body when riding down the hill

I see colorful blossoms in every street I ride the purple, the red, the white, the green,…

I feel my sweat running down my forehead

I hear my deep breath when trying to ride over the steep hill

I feel fresh when drinking cool water to beat my dry throat.

I listen to lovely birdsong when sitting in the silence.

I feel my improving flexibility after practicing body stretches

John, let’s join with me someday to see how beautiful this world is

Happy last week of March

What ever they think…

Dear John,

I have read this on the internet: ” Deep conversations with right people are priceless.” This is a good thing I always want in my daily life. Unluckily, not every conversation in my daily life is with neither right people nor deep conversations. That is a reason I don’t want to talk to people who are not right for me sometimes. But all people have needs to talk and express themselves with others and so do I. By chance if I don’t have suitable people to talk, or I can not escape from wrong people’s talk,  what should I do?

I have learned a lesson to comfy myself when making conversation with wrong people.

  • Don’t concentrate too much on what they say
  • Don’t make their stories personally, and they just talk based on their views, not mine
  • Don’t look at their eyes frequently, and nothing is serious in the talk with wrong people
  • Remember to bring my phone which is useful tool to help me distract
  • Don’t forget to digest the stories well because they are valueless to keep them with me.

Now, just do these and make my life comfortable and overcome my fear.


Be a leader, not a boss

Dear John,

I just say this after discussed some workplace issues with my colleagues. Suddenly, I imagine whether I want to be a boss or a leader of my life. Of course, I want to be a leader who encourages people to do good things, but sometimes people complained that I look like a boss, want to force and control others. Maybe, I show my attitudes strongly that makes those think in that way. It means I should learn to express myself clearly.

I used to require high standard myself before, but now I have learned that it is not good for me as well as others. Because I will get stress easily with my high requirement, that will affect to those I communicate with. So if I relax, satisfied with what I have, all of my relationships will be ok too.

I also learned that meditation helps me relax a lot after one-month commitment doing it. So, just five minutes stop to take care of my soul, let’s do it right now for not suffering significant problems in future.

Yes, I am still hurting

Dear John,

Whenever I go for workout and by chance the mobile girl mentions about the little one, I again think about her who disappointed me several months ago. Although I try to remind me that it is better to let her go, the person who has not trusted me, accept me in a positive way. I know I can not hold my emotion forever, I have to find a way to help myself.


Hehe, I did it. I have called my friend to talk about it. Everything is ok now. That is my solution. When I poison myself with my thoughts, it is time to talk it out.

Ok, let’s start a beautiful day John

Short writing

Dear John,

Today, I don’t want to write much because it seems like everything is going to clear for me. I know who I am , what I am going to do at this moment. Maybe, I will come back and write more for you. Just write here the proverb I like most on these days so that we can discuss later, John

“When you are alone, take care your thoughts, when you are with people, take care of your words”

Have a nice day and wonderful week my friend.


A day with CPR test

Dear John,

Today I have a CPR test. The practical section is more difficult than I thought. Yesterday I skipped the last practical day because I believed my practice would be ok when doing the careful revision. But I am wrong totally.

I made some mistakes at the first performance with the adult chocking case. The examiner told that my English is not good. What a shame! Yes, it is true. I am trying to prove it every day. After that, I lost my confidence even though I attempted to smile and comfort myself “It is ok, I can do it”. Finally, I passed all CPR performance for all cases, but still got problems with chocking rescue in adult and infant after several redoing.

Honestly, I feel sorry a little bit. During the test, I thought that I might fail the test and have to do again in next semester. Luckily, I passed, but I am not satisfied with myself. The feeling of being stupid is uncomfortable. Yeah, I know I am still scared of making mistakes although I am trying to encourage myself not to be afraid of my fault. I am practising to accept myself, to laugh at my mistakes easily and get on quickly.

Ok, let’s do it.