What I have learnt last three days (20-22 May)

Dear John,

Last three days I was sick with a terrible cold, headache, body pain. While lying down in my bed, I had more time to listen to my body and surrounds. I could feel the pain of blood which got stuck in my brain nerve. I could feel my legs getting cold and hurt somewhere. I could feel the beauty of human body even in the state of pain. When I get bored to listen to my body, I listened to bird song in my hostel’s garden. That sound was so sweet also. I just think that whatever happen to me, just look at positive side of them and then you can move on quickly. That is the yesterday’s lesson

My target now is learning every day from everyone I meet, everything I read and hear.

  • Now, I know about a new product which is called handy scanner. It is helpful to scan book or document. I think whether I should buy it or not (From a short talk in Resource Room with Ph.D. student) (Friday’s lesson)
  • Don’t talk everything you know, when people talk more; you have a good chance to understand them. (Look like a book’s title “Mẹ không biết, con nghĩ đi) (Sunday’s lesson)
  • Don’t reply someone’s needs immediately. Let them wait a little bit to see what is their motivation. (Saturday’s experience)
  • Don’t take a bath too long after swimming; you will get cold later on

I hope to learn more new lessons in this week John


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