Lessons from my reading

Dear John,

I have stopped my writing for a while to concentrate on my reading about academic writing. I found two interesting books which open my eye much more about writing skill

  1. Mike Wallace and Alison Wray (2011), Critical reading and writing for postgraduates, Sage Publication
  2. Douglas Flemons (2014) , Writing between the lines: Composition in the Social Sciences, e-version.

I am struggling with my writing. Even I have tried to connect with my readers in my writing, I still fail. I know I got problems somewhere. By reading these books, they help me to locate which part I am doing in a wrong way. I can’t keep my writing in this way with the hope that the more I write the better my writing is. Knowing how to do a right thing is more important than doing a lot without quality awareness.

I don’t think my writing will improve right after reading these books. But at least I know what is the right way to fix my problems and practising with a good coach might promise me to have a better result. Ok, just do it and let’s see.

Hae a nice day John



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