Writing well

Dear John,

Today I learn one interesting thing relating requirements to nominate a good thesis in my school. I have known four students who got the best thesis award in last year and two got nominations for the best thesis this year. By observing their background, I found one common factor among them is their good English. Three of them are from TESOL major and one uses English as her second language. That means writing well helps your readers understand you and get more interest in your research. That is a crucial feature to have a good thesis. Apart from that, they also conducted good studies.

Compared to other students who are not in TESOL major, they have good knowledge on their specific major like TESOL students. But their weakness is language which results in more difficulties in  expressing their ideas clearly.  Therefore, they struggled and get depression during their writing process. To help them release their stresses, they usually criticize others for asking them to rewrite their drafts many times. I am experiencing my writing difficulties at this moment, this helps me more empathize with them. But I think that blaming others for your weakness can’t help you improve yourself. Let’s accept your mistake and learn from it.

Once I confessed to Mairo – one of my colleagues in Ph.D room that I am so stupid, she said you are not stupid, your only problem is poor English.  So, how can I enhance my writing skill?

  1. From yourself: Practice, practice and practice.
  2. From others: Ask for help from every source you can reach out.
  3. After all, coming back to yourself and ask yourself what help you improve most.
  4. Last but not least, be patient and focus on your practicing and all is coming.

Have a nice day John





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