Dear John,

It has been one week I didn’t write to you because I shifted to write my writing diary after reading Dr. Goodson’s writing book. I thought my writing would move faster with a new practice schedule. In reality, it is not as easy as my thought. The truth is that writing is the most difficult work to me. Anyway, I won’t give up because writing is to survive, especially, during this part of my life.

Another truth is that I am a human, not a robot.I can set up a detailed writing schedule and strictly stick to it. However, my body and mind haven’t allowed me to treat them like a machine. It means you work with an installed routine, finish this work just a particular amount of time and subsequently move to another work. After one week, my mind gets bored and empty. I ask myself what is going on to me. Is there anything wrong? Now, I know how stupid I am.

I intentionally wake up late this morning to change my routine. I want to see everything in a new way, and it is hoped to help my writing a little bit. Thinking of my thesis, it is scary to me as usual.Merely concentrating on my work at this moment is better than thinking too much about future. Although my writing is not smooth as I want, I always motivate myself in different ways. My writer’s block will disappear soon when I think positively.

I also found that good book will inspire you a lot. It is better to read slowly and critically if you want to improve yourself from your reading. A useful example in the book might be not relevant to you most of the time. But who know? You have to try, learning by trial and error is an accepted method in education.Thought it might take a long time to learn new lessons with that traditional method, you create new self-knowledge which is efficient to your circumstance. So, don’t be afraid to go slowly, staying still for a long time is scarier.

When I got stuck with something, I usually look for some readings to inspire me. Zen-habits is one of my most inspired reading sources. He suggests something you should do when you procrastinate. This status easily happened when you do a difficult job, and Your mind becomes weak and tired faster due to your uncertainty and comfort. It automatically looks for easier tasks to relax, this leads to unproductivity. The same problem is here. I feel concentrate and productivity when I write this blog, but academic writing is a different story to me. I have to take care of academic vocabulary, grammar, coherence, cohesion, citation,…A ton of work needs to consider at the same, it blows my mind.

Here are Zen- habits’ suggestions to improve your productivity:

  1. Take a step back.  Step away from the computer, and go outside, go for a walk, take a shower, meditate, or just sit doing nothing for one minute.  Step back and think about what you should be doing right now, rather than what’s easiest and most tempting.
  2. Remember who you’re doing this for. As you step back, think about the person who will benefit from you doing this important task. Is it a co-worker, client, customer, loved one? Is it you? How will it make their life better? 
  3. Let yourself dive into the discomfort. Clear away distractions, just have what you need to do this one task, and allow yourself to be uncomfortable for a few minutes. 
  4. Embrace the uncertainty. Instead of looking at uncertainty as a bad thing, embrace it and see if you can get good at exploring it. Like discomfort, dive in and relax into it.
  5. Do it in little bits.  Work on the task for just a few minutes, then walk around and take a break. Then sit down and focus again, relaxing into the discomfort and uncertainty. 

Ok, Let’s do it, John. I already did the number 3, 4. Snapping out my uncertainty and discomfort by writing to you always helps me a lot.

Have a beautiful day John.





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