Diary of proposal correction 11 Jan 2016

Today I have learned many new lessons about my proposal. Even I don’t meet my writing deadline, but I am happy with that. When I am keen on with myself, there are many interesting things coming up in a surprised way.

1- How to write my hypothesis. (Learn from Teo , Lee, Sing, 2011)

2- How to analyse my moderator

3-How to write my literature review and find my voice in this review

4-How to write about my limitation: self-report questionnaire, single source data (Learn from Teo, 2010)

I have also learned how to control myself, love myself by using mindful meditation. Especially in my communication with others. Yes my communication in this week is less tension than last week. I can see how the effect of Mercy Retrograde on my communication.

When I separate my overthinking thoughts out of me, I can see everything clearer. When I am careful of checking my body,  I can see my body can do many things beyond my busy thought. When I care about my emotion arising in my body, I understand the right time to breathe. When I compassionate with myself, my body is happy.

Just being a watcher with patience. I am transforming myself.



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